700L Texitunnel Back (Selection list)
The 700L Texitunnel has heating elements 50% longer than the 700 Texitunnel.This makes it about 60% faster than the 700 Texitunnel in normal use.It is fast enough for one or two people printing with a small automatic caurosel.It will dry and fix some types of waterbased inks in one pass, but not fast.
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Special order---700L with 1 hot air circulation unit and adjustable height inlet and exit shutters.


700L Specifications
Overall 2.8metres
Inlet 70cm
Tunnel 159cm
Outlet 51cm
Maximum with control 97cm
box on the side  
Maximum with control 92cm
box on the top  
Tunnel (outside) 77cm
Transportband 70cm
Heaters 51.5cm
Electrical details 3 ph. 380volts
KW (total) 10.2 kw
Average power use 2.3 kw
per phase per hour  
Maximum power 16 amps
requirement per phase  
Process rates  
Normal plastisol 500 to 700
Low temp. plastisol 600 to 800

Air drying waterbased inks

500 to 700
Heat cured water see details
based inks  
Belt speed in m/min 0.4 to 4.2