8420 Texitunnel & 8430 Texitunnel Back (Selection list)
The 8420 and 8430 Texitunnels are for drying plastisol and waterbased inks printed on an automatic carousel.
The 4 metre tunnel dries plastisol inks so fast that the rear heat zone can be switched off when drying plastisol inks.
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The 8420 conveyor outlet with a cooling unit

Overall 6metres 6metres
Inlet 91cm 91cm
Tunnel 406cm 406cm
Outlet 100cm 100cm
Maximum 94cm 144cm
Tunnel (outside) 85cm 135cm
Transportband 70cm 90cm
Heaters 51.5cm 78cm
Electrical details 3 phase  380volts  380volts
KW (total) installed 27 kw 40 kw
Average power use 5.8 kw 8.8 kw
per phase per hour    
Maximum power 40 amps 60 amps
requirement per phase    
Process rates,t-shirts per hr    
Normal plastisol 1200+ 1200+
Low temp. plastisol 1200+ 1200+
Air drying water based 1300+ 1300+
Heat cured water 300 to 600 300 to 600
based inks    
Belt speed in m/min 0.8 to 7.5 0.8 to 7.5