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  82.530 Texitunnel

Air circulation detail


82.530 Texitunnel 2.5 metre tunnel + 78cm (30inch) wide heaters. Sold to Racol Partner A.G.- Rotkreuz - Switzerland by Alfred Eich - November 1999. This t shirt dryer is used for plastisol & waterbased inks. It has 2 sets of hot air recirculation fans producing 2 hot air curtains in the tunnel. It also has adjustable height entrance and exit doors at each end of the tunnel. This is finished in "Traffic Grey"


8420 Texitunnel    
Rudi is checking the dryers performance Front view of loading conveyor Rear view of dryer showing extra cooler on the outlet conveyor
8420 Texitunnel 4 metre tunnel + 51.5 cm (20 inches) wide heaters sold by Rudi Bauer to Marco Kuhnen at "Reprografix" - Geldern - Germany - March 2001


8270 Texitunnel

2 metre tunnel + 178cm ( 70 inches) wide heaters.Sold to Glenmore Ltd , London - April 2000. Used for drying discharge inks on large muslin pieces.

8240 Texitunnel

2 metre tunnel + 105cm ( 40 inch ) heaters . One of two 3.8 metre long dryers sold to Design Dock in Derby - January 2001. These large dryers have been constructed to break into 4 pieces so that they can be carried up 8 flights of stairs for installation on the 4th floor.

This dryer is used for drying block printed wallpaper. It has a high tunnel entrance and a low exit.
This dryer is used for drying a varnish finish on wallpaper.March 2001.

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