HEATING ELEMENTS Long wave infrared ceramic heating elements are used in all Panther t shirt dryers. They are very efficient, safe, long lasting, not colour sensitive and do not shrink or scorch fabric easily.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL. The tunnel dryers are fitted with digital controls, an optional alarm system can also be fitted.Heating element temperature range is from 0 to 600 degrees Centigrade.

The 700 Texitunnels have 1 temperature controller. The 8000 Texitunnels have 2 temperature controllers for the front and the rear heating zones in the drying oven.

HEATER HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Fitted on all t shirt dryers. Normally the heaters are 6 to 16 cm. above the conveyor belt.

CONVEYOR BELTS. All Panther t shirt dryers are fitted with antistatic, non-stick, open weave fibreglass conveyor belts. The belts are normally about 20cm wider than the heating elements.

SPEED CONTROL. Variable conveyor belt speed control is fitted to all t shirt dryers.

VENTILATORS Ventilators for removing fumes from the tunnel are fitted to all t-shirt dryers.

INSTRUCTIONS. All of the t-shirt dryers come with conveyor belt speed and temperature setting instructions for drying t-shirts.

MACHINE COLOUR.You can chose the colour of your dryer.Click on the link to the RAL colour chart.